Hand Forging is an highly skilled labor intensive process that has been used for centuries  as a way to create shapes and
forms in metal

 Most commonly use by blacksmiths, forging also has many applications in traditional silversmithing  and jewellery making. Using specialized hammer and anvils the skills crafts person achieves his intended design by applying hammer blows of varying degree to the metal.
One of the main benefits of hand forging is the fact that jewellery produced through this method is substantially stronger and more resilient than jewellery  produced by other techniques such as casting or fabrication. As the skilled crafts person applies the repeated hammer blows required to shape the metal, the material  becomes less porous and more compact resulting in a hardness and temper not achievable by any other process. We think you will find that our forged jewellery is superior strength and durability to other cast or fabricated products on the market and is unconditionally guaranteed for its quality.