Forged  bangle Level 1

 Single piece construction and
design Levels 1&2

 Anticlastic bangle Level 1

 Forged collar level 2

 Forged ring set with pearl Level 1

 Forged pendant, with tension set calibrated stone Level 2

  Forged Ring, with tension set calibrated stone Level 3

Exploring Shapes & Forms Levels 1&2  

Metalsmithing for Jewellers

Savi workshops are all project specific and are generally one day. Workshops are designed to provide students with the skills required to complete the designated piece and give some insight into technical and organizational  skills used in production craft.

Savi Master classes are Generally 2-4 days and focus primarily on skill development. Master classes provide a format for students to develop there own ideas and designs.

workshops pg2 workshops pg1

 Forged pendant with pearl Level 3

 Master Classes

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 Forged pendant with pearl Level 1

 Forged  bangle Level 1.2

 Forged  bangle
Level 2

forged ring

 Wave ring
Level 1